Magiska mönster

Magical patterns

An exhibition on female knowledge and creativity in the oasis of Siwa.

In Siwa, far out in the Egyptian Sahara, women have for centuries kept an ancient knowledge about embroidery as a way of protection against the dangers of the desert.

The intricate patterns were previously considered to be an effective defense against both jinn and the evil eye. 

Today the embroidery has lost some of its older significance, but the symbols and their names still give a glimpse into a world of magic rooted in the North African Berber culture. 

In the exhibition a collection of embroidered clothing and accessories are shown from Siwa from the collections of the Museums of World Culture.  

It's about the significance of birds, spiders and scissors and about collars with the ability to ward off evil spirits. 

Magical Patterns is on display until October 3.