Museum shop

The World Culture Museum's stores offer a carefully selected and hand-picked assortment from all over the world. Craft and sustainability are the focus and we are happy to work with close relationships with manufacturers around the world. That is why you will find genuine products with us.

Museum shop


In addition to the museum shops, The Museums of World Culture now offer a selection of items that are purchasable online. 
Please note that shop is currently only in swedish and we are not offering international shipping.

The webshop

We import a large part of the store's goods directly from Egypt. From Cairo's bustling alleys and workshops come hand-blown recycled glass and brass lanterns. Egyptian cotton shawls are woven in villages in southern Egypt. Our popular gilded ibis’ birds are produced in a small family workshop in Cairo. We buy the ceramics from Fayyoum, known for its mummy portraits, but that also is an oasis where ceramics and handicraft traditions are used. Among other items we also offer soaps from Aleppo (Syria).

You are warmly welcomed, come and botanize among our goods or settle down and browse our books.