Egypt exhibition


Come on a journey through 7,000 years of Egyptian history, and meet the people who lived alongside the Nile. The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see many artefacts not previously on display, learn about new research and use the latest 3D technology to study the museum's mummies. This is an exciting and informative experience for the whole family.


Stories, films and digital technology will guide you through history and down into the burial chamber, where you can investigate one of the museum's mummies by yourself in closer detail using a touch-sensitive digital table. Thanks to one of the most advanced visualisation projects ever carried out using mummies, everything can now be studied in detail – from the outer sarcophagi down to the amulets hidden beneath the shrouds. The project is carried out in association with Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Visualization Center C and CMIV in Norrköping/Linköping.


Children have their own guides in the form of the Egyptian children Bes and Merit, who will take them on an adventure among tomb robbers and mummified animals. Martin Widmark, author of the popular LasseMaja's Detective Agency children's books, has written a dramatised audio guide for the whole family. (The audio guide is available in Swedish only.) Children and adults can learn to write in hieroglyphs and dress like the ancient Egyptians.


Swedish and international experts have contributed their latest findings about mummies and sarcophagi. The exhibition highlights change and continuity throughout Egypt's long history, from the first settlements in the Nile Valley, through the long Pharaonic period, and onwards to the Middle Ages when Cairo was the most important centre for trading and craftsmanship in the Mediterranean – a bustling city, where different cultures, languages and religions came together.